The company is projected towards research on a global level of organic raw materials, guaranteeing full control over the entire supply chain of the product and of the processing technology. In this way, growers are able to enhance their products and breeders have the opportunity to use certified and high quality raw materials. The suppliers respect the quality standards without compromising, so as to offer certified products on the market according to the legislative systems currently in force. Our strength is the passion we put into doing our job well.

International Logistic

Our international suppliers are chosen on the basis of reliability and product quality criteria. We carefully evaluate the seriousness of their work by following all the phases, from filling the containers to their loading.

We rely on local freight forwarders who take care of unloading, customs clearance and delivery to warehouses. Our strength is the trust consolidated over time with partners.

Distributive Logistic

The partners in the transport sector offer us methods of shipping raw materials that are able to satisfy every need of our customers: tankers for unloading into silos, walking floors, trailer trucks and curtainsider for product deliveries in big bags. All transport phases are in compliance with the safety procedures provided for by the regulations in force on the market for organic livestock farming
The operations at each stage are carried out respecting the particular nature of organic products, from collection to delivery. We offer logistics services from our warehouses strategically located in Racconigi, Ravenna and Reggiolo, key positions to be able to cover the whole national territory, also allowing us to export abroad.