Giu.Di.Co. Bio srl is a company that has been operating in the BIOLOGICAL ZOOTECHNICAL sector since 2019 and was born from an entrepreneurial synergy of 2 people: Fabio Costagli with many years of experience on the Italian and international front and of the partner NG Chuk who has been operating for years on the Chinese and European market. Thanks to this union of intentions, the company is projected towards the global research of organic raw materials, guaranteeing full control over the entire product and transformation technology chain.

In this way, growers are able to enhance their products and breeders have the opportunity to use certified and high quality raw materials. Suppliers comply with quality standards without compromising, so as to offer certified products on the market according to regulations. legislation currently in force. Our strength is the passion we put into doing our job well.

Our service

Distributive Logistic

Our transport partners offer us ways to ship raw materials.

International logistic

Our international suppliers are chosen on the basis of reliability and product quality criteria.

Organic products

We personally go to the places of origin of the raw materials to verify the excellence of the supply chain